Monday Mo Mash Episode 4- Black in action

Monday Mo Mash Episode 4- Black in action


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So over the past few years, I have noticed this sudden rise in speculation of certain rap, hip-hop, and R&B stars’ participation in activities of the Illuminati. These people would include Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, and most recently, which if true it would make sense, Jay-Z’s wife and baby mama, Beyonce.

There’s speculation that during her performance at this year’s Superbowl, she threw up a Illuminati hand symbol during a quick breather, the symbol being a triangle (See picture below).

Other, more reasonable people with lives, jobs, and have seen the opposite gender’s sex organ within the last 2 years, think it would a diamond symbol to show her appreciation for her husband Jay-Z and his Roc-A-Fella brand, which is symbolized by a diamond.

So which makes more sense and is more believable?
My teenage nephews, as cute and ignorant as they are even tried to prove to me that at least Kanye and Jay-Z based on their music videos. I was at a three way crossroads, do I humor their little minds by seeing the evidence they have to present to me that was most likely told to them but an equally or greater ignorant friend their age, do I have put a stop to their stupid thoughts and waste of my time by telling them whatever they are going to say is not true while adding that all their childhood holiday figures are figments of their imagination, or do I just hit them?
Exhibit A) Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” music video

– The man with the crow tattoo on his chest is suppose to be the angle of death.
Me: No that’s just some pale creep wearing black against a white background and with a tattoo (that is most likely his) he looks more badass.
– Diamond skull with white paint being dripped on it
Me: Once again this entire video is about contrast and is in black and white, besides skulls were hot when the video was made, look at Ed Hardy.
– The dice showing the number three is suppose to be 666
Me: no it’s the blueprint 3…that’s the album…it was a big deal.
– Lastly The rams horns….that’s a demon
Me: The Dodge must be in the illuminati too because that’s on all their vehicles….but until you give me better evidence it’s still a fucking ram. Did I mention this whole video was done in black and white to be artistic

(Other symbols that people point out)

Exhibit B) Kanye West-“All of the Lights ” music video (Dark Fantasy version)

– Red Klan’s men why would he do that?
Me: seriously? Because it makes you watch the video then get offended, then tell your friend who then doesn’t believe you and then you bring him to your house to show him which makes him a believer and you both go tell two more people, meanwhile Kanye just got two video watches because your dumbass got offended by something artistic.

So in conclusion, was Beyonce flashing the Illuminati symbol. Chances are not. But if you desperately believe that she was( because you bought so many books and subscribed to so many websites and convinced so many people that you couldn’t face the embarrassment of telling them you were wrong (which face it one day you will)) then you will have to also accept that these people are part of the Illuminati as well.

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If you wont accept that, they you are in denial. HOVA!