Average Black Man’s Reaction 2 (Im Going To Hell For This)

Last nite was awesome.

New  Jokes at Backstage tonight! 830Pm Schenectady be there. FREE! heres the vid


Late Nite Trend Drop 3

I owed you all one, dont forget to follow me on twitter (@NegroShade13) if you got one, if you dont read my tweets on the side

Now i think this hat is dope, im in to these type right now real deck

Killing two birds with one stone here, his watch his sick and her beanie is fresh.

Cant beat them skytops to match that shirt

though i only wear some LRG this is sick and to the point

the reason i do this is yall gotta keep your fashion game up, if you cant look good you wont be good dig?


The Dope and the Nope

The Dope

A Pigeon Shaped Security Camera

Now this is dope because its a very creative way to hide a secuirty camera in the open. The only downfall i can see is this might upset some homeless people who try to catch and eat pigeons. Life just got a little more complicated for them. Not only is their imaginary friend a enraged war vet but now pigeons are machines. Poor Souls

The Hand IPhone Charger

How many times have you spent unneccsary time looking for that damn iphone charger cord, only to find it eaten by your dog or small child? Well fret no more because now there a charger conviently shaped like a hand so it looks like someone is holding. This is all and well until the hand refuses to let go and climbs all over you like the Thing from the Adams Family

The Lego Statue

This is really cool because it took a favorite childhood toy of most of us and made it into art. My only complaint is that i dont thinking its appropriate to position it in such a manner that it looks like the scene from Pulp Fiction with the gimp (If you’ve seen it you know what i mean)

The Nope

The Wine Bottle Case

Now while this had good intentions i feel that this item promotes more closeted alcoholism. I cant really remember when ive been on a extremely turbulant trip where instead of worrying for my own safety im really thinking “gee i hope my bottle of wine stays in tact”

The Liquid Shaped Building

Dope design, poor thought about the future. I dont think the architects really had any thought that when this whole global warming thing occurs and the ice caps melt flooding the whole world when looking for building above water this one might be overlooked since it blends in.

The Ear Shaped Light Switch

Probably the biggest nope. This just promotes sexual harassment to its fullest. Instead of a switch one is the blow into the ear in order to turn the lights on and off. How disturbing and unncessary. Ill stick with my nipple shaped light switch that i just flick thank you

New Update

Ok i know i have been MIA but i have been busy, but the good news is ive been writing alot of new jokes ive got quite a few just from being here and even from the plane ride alot so thats good

Clearly the video section is down this is because i am getting rid of posting my entire sets and just posting individual jokes, its more professional, of course i will add small things like my interview with ethan back in december but as of right now no entire sets. That section should be back up by the end of the month

Im also going to change the layout of the site but that’ll be next month.

Im going to try to hook some kind of  newsletter for yall to get emails about myself.

Thats it for now.

New new new

Ill have a new video posted tomorrow it was my attempt to do an impression, the crowd was not feeling it one bit whatever

Also tonight ill be at Vila Valentis not performing but for Sandy Beach’s birthday Brendan Joseph will be performing, funny dude ill post a video from there some how

New section as you can see with a list of my shows, alot of those are subject to change

Also i will be documenting the Cairo show myself it’ll be some backstage stuff seeing what we do before and after a show and during so ill work on it and put it up.

Side note : Me and Mr A.Main are working on a script for a tv pitch to adult swim. Im excited and confident that its the type of show they would pick up. While we collab on episode one i am currently outlining episode 2 . Im thinking of having a 7 episode season initially. More info as it comes along will be posted.

Lastly come find me this saturday during the tulip fest im gonna be passing out flyers for shows around the area. Might as well be a prick at the event.

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