I Suck

I suck and that’s a good time. A lot of comedians will disagree. You always want to do your best whether it is at an open mic, a showcase, a competition, or at a benefit, but how does one get to that? Telling jokes is a process of trial and error, more on the error side and everyone will go through a period of time where they just suck. No jokes will work, you can’t seem to write the right ending to that premise, and no tags are coming to mind.
You just….suck. But that’s OK.
A lot of comics will go through this period and become depressed over their lack of progression, some depressed on top of their already present depression, and feel like there is the end of their career, they’ve hit that brick wall.
But what’s the point of a brick wall? To separate those who want to take the easy route and those who want it so bad that they will look for any way around that brick wall.

It’s OK to suck.

Just like I stated in my previous post, when you suck or bomb, that’s not the point where you should be demotivated and go drink alone in a corner. That is when a goal is presented to you and it is your choice to pursue it. Before you were just writing new material and reworking old material to make it perfect…but for what? Think of it this way. You are in high school and work a crap cashier job somewhere. You make ok money, enough so you can go to the movies when you want and buy pizza with your friends when you all go out on the weekends, not really saving. But then you get your license and want a car. Now that crap job has meaning because all this hard work is actually going towards something. That is what happens you bomb or suck one night. You have now been presented with a goal to work towards. Maybe you need reorganize your jokes, maybe those sexual jokes don’t work with an older crowd, and maybe you need more energy because you were first. Something can be taken away from that experience and worked towards.

Sucking may be helpful.

With my showcase I like to put people in positions that they normally would not do. If i see you do multiple shows where you are only doing 10 to 15 minute sets, I will put you in a 20 minute headliner spot for two reasons: 1) sometimes these people need that room to breathe. That 10 to 15 minute playpen is nice, they have gotten comfortable with it and made good use to it, and now I have added an addition to that playpen. You may have possibly outgrown it. I don’t think you should be so amazing in 10 to 15 minutes and if you are, you need more time, because eventually it comes to the point where you want to do this joke about grocery stores and this other bit about television shows and both are really killer bits but you can’t because you don’t have time. You begin to sub out jokes for other jokes, possibly newer jokes, because you just don’t have time. I am giving you that time and opportunity to do both.
And 2) As terrible as this may sound, I hope you fail. Why? Because you now see where you stand. Maybe 20 minutes is too long, maybe you are still getting comfortable with 15 minutes, maybe you are a perfect headliner personality wise and your material fits perfectly but don’t have enough material to fill the time without scraping the bottom of the barrel that is your notebook to find those so-so jokes that work rarely but you add them because you need time fillers. Either way you now know that you can headline, but you just need to work towards more material and trim the fat of your set. You have an end goal and why?

Because you sucked


Update- Sorta

Ok I have been really busy in the last 5 months, well sorta.
I have been hosting Lark Tavern Comedy Open Mic, every monday, sign up 7:30pm(or whenever the fuck I feel like showing up which is usually earlier because though the comics who don’t make the cut complain about it not being on time, in reality there are so many people there earlier that if we started a line, they wouldn’t make it on the list anyways so anyone who complains can suck a butt because unless you cut the line or I make an agreement to give them time, you would have not made it anyways) 8pm showtime until 11pm hopefully. There are 22 spots, it will go down to 20 within the next couple weeks. Why? Because I get up at 5am the next day, that being said we had an influx of people showing up  (I’m talking upwards to 30 people) so now we opened up another night on Wednesdays for that overflow (same place same time for both sign up and showtime) this one hosted by Mike McLaughlin. This show is a little more professional and an incentive from Monday night eventually.

ALSO! Two months ago I FINALLY took over the month comedy showcase at Hudson River Coffee House (227 Quail St, Albany) and started Dest Comedy Jam. So what is different than Vernon Payne’s Coffee and Comedy Show?
Since Vern left, I have my finger on the pulse of the comedy scene here and notice more than most. I notice people who have been working hard and don’t get any attention, I have noticed new people who need that little extra step that an open mic can’t give. A lot of producers and bookers want people who have done shows before, but how do you get that experience when no one gives it to you? That’s what I am doing. 90% of my openers will be people who do not get booked much or are so new that this small time will boost their confidence to achieve more. My showcase is experimental and boosting people to the next level. Some locals have been doing this for at least a year and still are doing 5 to 7 minutes spots. Well with me they get the opportunity to do 15-20 minutes. I am encouraging growth. Never had the chance to headline? Well I will give you the chance. I don’t care if you bomb, I want people to learn what their limits are, where their goals are now moved to, and get paid to possibly suck. It’s ok to suck comics (that’s the next rant blog I’m going to post, along with reviews on shit I’ve done). So that’s the difference.

Back in July, Monday night at Lark became the longest running weekly comedy open mic in the history of the capital region. We didn’t get any media exposure or appreciation but that’s something I am working on both by annoying people via email and keeping the show good for comics and audience members. We held a celebration by doing our own rendition of the Comedy Central hit gameshow “@Midnight”. The show was a wide success we had almost 28 comedians participate and the entire back room of Lark was standing room only. So that’s cool, we got some video footage I will post soon.

So that’s that, I will probably rant on here more and update crap.  Post more flyers. I do have a podcast I was on that wasn’t posted because I came with my own agenda and made the host give up on his plans. I thought it was funny. I will post that eventually.

Here’s the flyer for the show Friday! Come on out. Its Off The Fisti-Cuffs vs Connecticut
$5 a head cash or credit.


Albany Post: The Mayor Of Lark Street Chronicles

Not recently, but within the last 6 months, I have been blogging for the The Albany Post (which is like The Onion but for Albany people by, mostly, Albany Comics). It does get some actual prints (Located at Hudson River Coffee House, which does monthly comedy shows hosted by Comedian Vernon Payne , and the Tierra Coffee Roasters), but the print is of the best/most viewer articles. Overall, the site rules and is pretty hilarious.
Most of my blogs on the site have to do with local “celebrities”, these are people that most Albany residents have run into or know of, by my favorite is the Mayor of Lark Street because I have no idea who he is and where he comes from or goes for that matter, so I decided to give him a back story. All of my post involving the mayor involve me interviewing him and my misadventures with him which I have now given the title: The Mayor of Lark Street Chronicles. I might make a small book of them if I write enough. Below you will find the links to the posts in order.

The Mayor of Lark Street Chronicles 1: In the Presence of Royalty
The Mayor of Lark Street Chronicles 2: Lunch Chat with M’Lord
The Mayor of Lark Street Chronicles 3: The Great Larkzini

Make sure you check out The Albany Post for my other articles about local figures and other great articles.

HV Funny Interview

HV Funny Interview

So I have been sucking at this whole updating thing, then again I haven’t been doing much. BUT I DO HAVE SOME NEW STUFF COMING UP SO STICK AROUND!

Here is a link to an interview I did back in August with Steve Rifenburg, Ian Lazarus, and Bri Bop out of the Hudson Valley area which is booming with comedy now. Check out my talk shit then take over their show and get weird.