About Me

Ever since I was a child I was always the funny kid, the class clown, and the one to do wild things.  My favorite movies were always comedies because I love to laugh and life was always easier in a comedy.  My first stand up was at a talent show at my college my freshman year, to which i won then started my path doing open mics and opening for comedians until Nov of 2008 when a comedy open mic was started in Albany and thus catapulted to meeting various comedians and helping me pursue my dream to becoming one of the best comedians to come from the Albany area.

My comedy comes mostly from my life as a black male living in a predominantly non black area and all the shenanigans I got into and not so average everyday experiences that I have. I have a very accurate yet screwed up view on the many situation but at the end of the day all turns out well.

Resume (i guess)

Open Up For:

Greg Aidala

Pete Holmes

Ardie Fuqua

Bernadette  Pauley

Myq Kaplan

Justin Kredible

Andy Henderickson

Paul “P.K.” Kim

Jeff the Drunk (Howard Stern)

Mark (Skippy) Price – From Family Ties

Ranked Top 5 to open for Nick Cannon in Las Vegas

Clubs/Venues/Colleges I’ve Performed In:

Tess’s Lark Taver- Comedy on the Park, Open Mic

Laura’s Lark Tavern – Red Light Open Mic

Duke’s Pub- Duke’s Last Laugh Saturday Night Comedy Showcase

The Rolling Stone- Burnt Out Comedy Show

New York Comedy Club- Showcase

Eastville Comedy Club – Open Mic

City Grind Cafe- Open Mic

Villa Valenti’s Pub- Mancation Monday

Muddy Cub- Open Mic

Savannah’s – Punch Line

Urban Guerrilla Theater – Heartbreak Hotel

The Alley- Open Mic

Sage College of Albany- Sage Comedy Club

Russell Sage College – Sage Comedy Club

Hartwick College- Comedy Night

Cairo Elk’s Club-  Mike Cardone’s Comedy Night

Saugreties Elk’s Club- Mike Cardone’s Comedy Night

Jay’s Bar and Grill- John-a-palooza

Irish Mist- Open Mic

Bread and Jam Cafe- Open Mic

Everyday’s Tropical Cantina- Comedy on the Edge

Producer’s Club- Comedy Night

Cafe Mezzeluna – Comedy In Toodlum

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute- Opened up for PK Kim

Bogies- An Evening with Jeff the Drunk

South Street Cafe- Comedy Night

Backstage Pub- Open Mic

Horn’s Tavern- Comedy Night

RPI- Headliner

Bat Shea’s- Open Mic

Pixel Lounge- Open Mic

Franklin Tower- Open Mic

Stout- Open Mic

The Comedy Works- Opening Spot Audition

Other Things:

Help Produce Duke’s Last Laugh Saturday Night Comedy Showcase

Co-Host 90.9FM Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman

Wrote, Directed, Produced, and Edited Short Film “The Lost Son of Cosby” (2007)

Creator of “BiRacial Man”

“How to Properly Interview” by Ethan Ullman – Played the Interviewer

Member of Albany Improv Group “Off The Fist-Cuffs”

There will be more!


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