Update- Sorta

Ok I have been really busy in the last 5 months, well sorta.
I have been hosting Lark Tavern Comedy Open Mic, every monday, sign up 7:30pm(or whenever the fuck I feel like showing up which is usually earlier because though the comics who don’t make the cut complain about it not being on time, in reality there are so many people there earlier that if we started a line, they wouldn’t make it on the list anyways so anyone who complains can suck a butt because unless you cut the line or I make an agreement to give them time, you would have not made it anyways) 8pm showtime until 11pm hopefully. There are 22 spots, it will go down to 20 within the next couple weeks. Why? Because I get up at 5am the next day, that being said we had an influx of people showing up  (I’m talking upwards to 30 people) so now we opened up another night on Wednesdays for that overflow (same place same time for both sign up and showtime) this one hosted by Mike McLaughlin. This show is a little more professional and an incentive from Monday night eventually.

ALSO! Two months ago I FINALLY took over the month comedy showcase at Hudson River Coffee House (227 Quail St, Albany) and started Dest Comedy Jam. So what is different than Vernon Payne’s Coffee and Comedy Show?
Since Vern left, I have my finger on the pulse of the comedy scene here and notice more than most. I notice people who have been working hard and don’t get any attention, I have noticed new people who need that little extra step that an open mic can’t give. A lot of producers and bookers want people who have done shows before, but how do you get that experience when no one gives it to you? That’s what I am doing. 90% of my openers will be people who do not get booked much or are so new that this small time will boost their confidence to achieve more. My showcase is experimental and boosting people to the next level. Some locals have been doing this for at least a year and still are doing 5 to 7 minutes spots. Well with me they get the opportunity to do 15-20 minutes. I am encouraging growth. Never had the chance to headline? Well I will give you the chance. I don’t care if you bomb, I want people to learn what their limits are, where their goals are now moved to, and get paid to possibly suck. It’s ok to suck comics (that’s the next rant blog I’m going to post, along with reviews on shit I’ve done). So that’s the difference.

Back in July, Monday night at Lark became the longest running weekly comedy open mic in the history of the capital region. We didn’t get any media exposure or appreciation but that’s something I am working on both by annoying people via email and keeping the show good for comics and audience members. We held a celebration by doing our own rendition of the Comedy Central hit gameshow “@Midnight”. The show was a wide success we had almost 28 comedians participate and the entire back room of Lark was standing room only. So that’s cool, we got some video footage I will post soon.

So that’s that, I will probably rant on here more and update crap.  Post more flyers. I do have a podcast I was on that wasn’t posted because I came with my own agenda and made the host give up on his plans. I thought it was funny. I will post that eventually.

Here’s the flyer for the show Friday! Come on out. Its Off The Fisti-Cuffs vs Connecticut
$5 a head cash or credit.



One thought on “Update- Sorta

  1. what a lovely little update…you are very smart cublet…

    Theresa A. Tolokonsky (518) 378-9028 @tolokot

    *“The future will not belong to those who sit on the sidelines. The future will not belong to the cynics. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Paul Wellstone*

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