Blog: Dream Jobs

As a child, I had always wanted to do something great. While everyone else wanted to be something generic like a cop, a nurse, the president, a lunch lady, I always strayed from the pack and wanted to be things that were not so common. I recently found a list of those jobs and wanted to share them.

Driving Instructor for the Blind

Music Teacher for the Deaf

Speech Therapist for Mike Tyson

Arts and Crafts Instructor for Terrorist

Abstinence Only Sex Educator for Rapist

Gynecologist for Porn Stars

Happy Hour Party Planner for Recovering Alcoholics

Motivational Speaker for Suicide Attempt Survivors

Big Brother Program Coordinator for Registered Sex Offenders

Budget Management for Gambling Addicts

Racial Intolerance Educator for Neo-Nazis

Workplace Sensitivity Trainer for Black Panthers

Sky Diving Instructor for Acrophobics (those afraid of heights)

Walking Shoe Salesmen for People in Wheelchairs

Bicycle Riding Class Leader for Double Amputees

Cigarette Supplier for Lung Cancer Survivors

Parenting Class Instructor for Mothers Who Gave Their Children Up For Adoption

Gun Safety Course Coordinator for Kurt Colbert and Plaxico Burgess

I think its clear I had high goals. If you have anymore please feel free to add any!

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