Blog 3: Black White Differences: Being Token at a Party

We have all been in this situation at least once where you are the only one.  If not, then take notes because if you find yourself in this situation this might happen to you.

Black White Differences: Good and Bad of Being Token At A Party

Black Guy:


You are exotic compared to the general population. Some girls see you as a naughty fantasy they can live out.

You are automatically the best dancer. Even if you barely know how to do a dance, you do it better than everyone else.

You prove to them that all black people aren’t bad. Well, you’re a good one. Sit boy Sit.


You suddenly become a blackpert. They ask you all and every question pertaining to things black.

They feel that since you are there now it is ok to use the N word.

If something goes missing the next day, expect 4 phone calls, 7 texts, and a warrant out for your arrest because John can’t find his TV remote.

White Guys:


Black will consider you automatically “down”. You have joined the club, prepared to be pulled over.

It’s ok if you can’t dance, black girls will teach you. They will teach you how to dougie.

If the cops show up you can validate that everything is ok. Reverse Affirmative Action they only need one.


If the cops do show up, everyone will think you are a narc. How’s it feel to grow up and your father be THE MAN?

You don’t understand much of what people are saying and can’t relate. N Word still off limits.

You are never called by your name but rather every white actor. Take that Reindeer Games.


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