New new new

Ill have a new video posted tomorrow it was my attempt to do an impression, the crowd was not feeling it one bit whatever

Also tonight ill be at Vila Valentis not performing but for Sandy Beach’s birthday Brendan Joseph will be performing, funny dude ill post a video from there some how

New section as you can see with a list of my shows, alot of those are subject to change

Also i will be documenting the Cairo show myself it’ll be some backstage stuff seeing what we do before and after a show and during so ill work on it and put it up.

Side note : Me and Mr A.Main are working on a script for a tv pitch to adult swim. Im excited and confident that its the type of show they would pick up. While we collab on episode one i am currently outlining episode 2 . Im thinking of having a 7 episode season initially. More info as it comes along will be posted.

Lastly come find me this saturday during the tulip fest im gonna be passing out flyers for shows around the area. Might as well be a prick at the event.


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