Update SORRY

sorry ive been busy? kinda well i went on a three day spree of booze and randomness….not really but in today’s society thats acceptable its early so im going to work but i got two videos im gonna put up later today
one being from dukes this past week where i went entirely too long and the other from the last show of the season at Comedy on the Park where i tried a few new jokes. Also im gonna start posting some random things such as shit that inspires me to write and funny pictures and what not. A comedian i work with Pat Lynde wants to start a website full of our randomness so keep a look out for that and as i promised before…this week…im buyin the URL for this …thats right this will be the new home for NEGROSHADE13.COM so hopefully ill get more traffic and whatnot cuz if an easier URL but for those staying up to date i appreciate it.
Also im gonna make a pictures, info, and videos only section soon just for easy navigation. All will still remain on the front page but itll be easier for finding stuff. Alright late for work. Lates


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